So it's coming up to two years ago since I purchased the Fitbit One, and yes I totally know there are all these snazzy new wristband versions but I'm old school and I'm standing by my Fitbit One. I've worn it every single day since I got it and I love it. It gives me motivation to walk more and most of all I like to see how many steps I get through in a day, especially the good day's.. It's like a little pat on the back for having a productive day!

Fitbit One

Five great things about the Fitbit One:

01. It makes you get off your bum, and actually walk more!

This is something that I kind of expected somewhat from the Fitbit but it really does work. I still surprise myself by how much it affects me even two years later, if I get close to earning a Fitbit Badge or or daily goal I will totally run around the house to reach my target.. Sad I know!

02. The battery life lasts AGES!

I think it's roughly estimated that the Fitbit One battery life lasts anywhere between 1-2 weeks but I actually find mine lasts much longer which is an even greater bonus! On average I probably charge my Fitbit device every 4-5 weeks and the charger is so small that it's easy to fit inside your bag if you travel lots or like me.. you forget to check your battery regularly and all of a sudden you battery is on a red alert. Whoops!

03. It's subtle & discreet.

This is my favourite feature and one of the main reasons I've been able to wear my Fitbit every day for 2 years nearly. It's so small and discreet that you can clip it to underwear really easily and it still tracks your steps and isn't visible for people to see. I actually wear mine on my bra and nobody would ever know. This is one reason why I think I would still prefer the 'ONE' over the upgraded more recent models which can be worn as a wristband. 

04. You can compete with friends and family that also use a Fitbit product. 

This is such a great feature, but unfortunately it does rely on people you know also using a Fitbit, but as it's such a likeable product I'm sure they won't take much persuading. My Parents, family members and friends all use a Fitbit device and it's great because you can set up Challenges where you get regular updates of how well you are all doing in relation to each other, there is the 'Weekend Warrior Challenge' which is a personal favourite, but only if I know I have a busy weekend ahead.

05. You can sync it to other apps.

Another great benefit of the Fitbit is that you can easily sync it to other apps such as My Fitness Pal, which I currently have mine synced too, and whilst I don't religiously check into this app it's still great when I do fancy recording everything I've eaten that day and managing my calories a little better. 

Let me know if you use a Fitbit device and what your thoughts are?

Fitbit One