I'm a big advocat for the good ol' paperback book. I love actually having a physical book to hold and seeing yourself get towards the end and the excitement of knowing that you'll soon know the full story and all will be revealed. However, my mum has always loved digital reading ever since the first Kindle came about. For christmas we bought her the new Kindle and gave her a little upgrade as she so regularly used to use her old Kindle to read from.


As she then had no use for her original Kindle, she asked if I would like to try it. Trust me, I was a little sceptical at first. Why would I want to read on a digital screen when I can have the actually paper book to hold? But I also knew that a lot of books are much cheaper to buy, and as I've been reading so many books lately (or at least more that I'm used to) I knew that it would be a much cheaper alternative. 

So I reluctantly decided to give it a go, and amazingly my mum already had a Diane Chamberlain book loaded on to her old Amazon Kindle and so I've started reading this. I thought it was the perfect time to start using the Kindle as I've just finished 'Stolen' by Lesley Pearce which I'll review in my March Reading List Update next month, and as I'm off to London this weekend it will be much more practical for me to carry around and give me even more room in my case for clothes.. This really couldn't have worked out better.

Although I'm quite sad that I haven't started reading JoJo Moyes 'Me before You' which I had planned to read after 'Stolen', I am currently loving the device. I'm by no means a full convert but I can see the practicality of it when travelling or when you are out and about. What are all your thoughts on a Kindle? Have you ever tried digital reading, or do you like a classic paperback instead?