Just a little quick post and not something I had planned to write about, but when I received a surprise package in the post I knew it was something I would want to remember in a years time, as it was such a lovely gesture. So yesterday I received a parcel in the post. I knew I hadn't ordered anything and so I was a little bit confused as to what it might be. To my delight, my mum had read my Goals blogpost earlier this month which you can real here. She recently spotted this book in Waterstone's and purchased it for me, and then sent it through the post.

Penguin Lessons

It made me realise how nice it is to send and receive something spontaneously throughout the mail. It was so lovely and made my day and now I can't wait to get cracking with reading it.

Here is what the book is all about:

'I was hoping against hope that the penguin would survive because as of that instant he had a name, and with his name came the beginning of a bond which would last a life-time'

Tom Michell is in his roaring twenties: single, free-spirited and seeking adventure. He has a plane ticket to South America, a teaching position in a prestigious Argentine boarding school, and endless summer holidays. He even has a motorbike, Che Guevara style. What he doesn't need is a pet. What he reallydoesn't need is a pet penguin.

Set against Argentina's turbulent years following the collapse of the corrupt Perónist regime, this is the heart-warming story of Juan Salvador the penguin, rescued by Tom from an oil slick in Uruguay just days before a new term. When the bird refuses to leave Tom's side, the young teacher has no choice but to smuggle it across the border, through customs, and back to school. Whether it's as the rugby team's mascot, the housekeeper's confidant, the host at Tom's parties or the most flamboyant swimming coach in world history, Juan Salvador transforms the lives of all he meets - in particular one homesick school boy. And as for Tom, he discovers in Juan Salvador a compadre like no other...

January Reading List Update - 1 book down. I  am so proud I have managed to finish Dream a little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher. It had me hooked right from the beginning, and now I'm rooting to read another one of Giovanna's novels.